Indian Institute of Science (IISc)

Demo 09

Parametric Excitation

  By Sagnik Acharya, Manish

Tunable structural colouration

Advanced Nanostructures for Photonics and Electronics Lab

Discover the intriguing world of parametric excitation through our poster presentation, where we delve into the principles and applications of this fascinating phenomenon. Parametric excitation occurs when the parameters of a system are modulated periodically, leading to resonance and amplification of certain modes of vibration or oscillation. This phenomenon finds applications in various fields, including mechanical engineering, physics, and electronics. In this presentation, we will explore the underlying mechanisms of parametric excitation, showcase experimental setups, and discuss its applications in areas such as vibration control, energy harvesting, and signal processing. Join us as we unravel the mysteries of parametric excitation and its potential impact on technology and science.